Volunteer Junior TAs

Volunteer Junior Teaching Assistants (VJTAS) Program is designed for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biotechnology especially those who are willing to pursue academic career after their graduation..

Program objectives:

  • Equipping students with the lab experience and skills to be added to their resume as VJTAs especially for those who will seek a post grad degree abroad and accordingly will need to apply for TA scholarship.
  • Preparing top ranked students for the future career as TAs at the GUC.
  • Opening channel of communication between the academic staff, and teaching assistants in the different faculty departments and the students.
  • Motivating and inspiring the students.
  • Showing the VJTAs as a role model for their younger colleagues
  • Selecting of competent students to engage in research teams at the faculty

Responsibility of the VJTAs:

  • Helping the TAs in preparation of the lab experiments
  • Attending Pre-lab meeting
  • Helping in distribution of the chemicals and lab material during the practical session.
  • Attending lab explanation.
  • Standing with the TAs during the lab supervision..