Active Working Groups

GUC SPSA (Scientific Pharmaceutical students association) is a student association at the German University in Cairo that studies and promotes the interests of pharmacy students and enhances cooperation among fellow GUC students as well as other young pharmacists in Egypt and worldwide. It’s meant to involve students in easy, none time-consuming activities and projects that continuously revive their motivation and give them better insight into their future career as pharmacists as well as members of the society.


Our ultimate goal is to guide GUC pharmacy students down the road of success which requires well-defined goals, solid foundation, right-approach, self-esteem and positive attitude while encouraging national and international cooperation putting the first steps to develop our country.


  • Cooperating nationally and internationally to establish an excellent environment for young GUC pharmacists making them capable of meeting international standards on the long run.
  • Providing programs and courses for the GUC undergraduates which will help them to gain various soft skills and subject them to the true conditions of professionalism and its demands so that they can orient themselves accordingly.
  • Any ideas or suggestions shall be put to work if found appropriate in attempt to develop their leadership and managerial skills besides providing the space for innovative and creative ideas.